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Jesus Rode A Donkey
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Liberal Christians
Because all good churches need to schism eventually.

This community was created as a safe place for people exploring their faith in an open-minded, honest way. We have noticed that there are a large number of Christians around the internet willing to tell you how wrong you are without ever listening to your point of view--if you've ever wanted to bounce ideas freely off of others of your faith or a different one, this is the place for you.

We welcome all kinds of Christians, but if you believe that being gay is a sin, or that feminists are going to burn in hell, or women who get ordained are going to hell, then this probably isn't the place for you. We respect your beliefs but please respect ours. If you are coming to cause trouble then please don't waste your time.

Non-Christians can join too! If you are an atheist, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, you are welcome here. Anyone willing to have intelligent, open minded faith discussion is welcome. Us Christians learn to be more tolerant when we learn of others' beliefs.

However the following will NOT be tolerated - giving a woman grief who may be suffering painful emotions after an abortion and wants to discuss it in light of her faith, giving a gay person grief because they are gay, or giving a woman grief who posts happily about her recent ordination. If you harass anyone who posts anything of this nature you will be banned, no matter what your religious or political stance is.

Because Jesus rode a donkey, not an elephant, into the Holy City.

You can also feel free to friend people from this community (with their permission, of course). Fellowship is also a part of what it's all about!

If possible, please post the following:
First/Preferred Name:
Location (approx):
Anything else you think we should know about you:

Your founders-
--adele87 and evilnel