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Discussion 2-
Favorite biblical story?

It can be anything, Hebrew Bible, New Testament....etc.

I personally can't pick just one. I love Exodus, The Nativity Story as described in Luke, the woman caught in adultry....Jesus weeping when Lazarus died...etc.
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No one has posted here in ages, so I want to start discussion.

In the liturgical Christian communities, we are getting ready to go into Advent here in a couple months, and start the Gospel of Matthew.

So, let's talk Gospels. What is your favorite Gospel? Your favorite verse in Matthew?

My favorite Gospel is Luke or John, but my favorite verse in Matthew is Matthew ch. 6.

For you non-Christians:
Jewish folks -- favorite book of the Torah? Favorite verse of the Torah?
All others: Atheists, favorite philosophy?
Pagans, favorite pagan story?

Curious about length

Well since there have been no new posts here in while I wish to take a survey.

I wish to know how long an average service at your church is. When I was younger I went to a Baptist church that averaged about 1.5hrs, now I go to a Catholic church and a Mass takes maybe 45-55mins. It just seemed very short.

How long for you?
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Looking for something to read...

Recommendations? Interested in both fiction and non-fiction - just tell me which your recs fit into. I like theology, but am not looking for anything too "heavy" at the moment, so no Kant or Barth please! ;) I would prefer in print books to online articles.

What I like: CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, biography (eg Cross and the Switchblade, the Hiding Place, the Hospital by the River).

What I dislike: Wild West/pioneer fiction (eg Christy) badly researched period/historical fiction, romantic fiction eg Dee Henderson. Horror Christian fiction (eg Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker).

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Would anyone here be willing to make Christian (with an emphasis on liberal) icons?

Maybe a bible scene or denominational icons? ie. ELCA, TEC, UMC, etc....

General faith icons are cool too. Maybe a cross/crucifix, or an open bible with prayer beads, whatever. :-)
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Happy Pentecost!

Happy Pentecost! May the Spirit move in your lives in incredible ways!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and am just interested in your views. What do you think of predestination?

Personally, I hate the idea. I know John talks about it in the Bible, but I personally can't think of a way to reconcile it with the idea of free will and God's character. By that I mean, if we are truly 'predestined' then we didn't make a choice. But if we made a choice, were we saved by grace or by ourselves? And if we are predestined, it means we did NOT make that choice and negates our free will, seemingly. It also implies to me God standing over a pit like 'you die, you go to heaven! You die!' Why would God create us to condemn us?

Doesn't Jesus want "all men to come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus"? The Calvinist argument is that 'all' = Christians. Yikes. So everybody else is useless and negated? That doesn't seem very loving at all!

This is an issue I really struggle with and I would appreciate some perspective!
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