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Need help.

Hello all. Remember me, one of your errant mods? I'm sorry to say Adele and I haven't been doing a very good job getting conversations started on the comm--we've both been super busy, and I now have a new excuse for my busy-ness: I am going to write a book.

The premise of the book is how to reconcile bad experiences in the church with the Gospel, and how to reconcile the damage in both directions (people to church, church to people). In order to write this book, I am hoping to hear some experiences from people who have had less than great experiences in the church. If you have had a bad experience in a church that caused you to leave the church, denomination, or even if it just left a really sour taste in your mouth, I would love to get your experiences. You can either comment here or send me an e-mail (evilnel [at] gmail [dot] com). All responses will be kept anonymous, but are sent to me with the the understanding that they could at some point end up published in a book.

Given how many of us have had those unfortunate experiences, I feel really strongly that this is an important book to write so I'd love your help!
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