elizabby (elizabby) wrote in lib_christians,

New Community

I've just joined this community (so know very little about it) but wondered if there might be some crossover interest here? This is from their user-info page:


This is a community for the serious discussion of Christian theology, the bible, and other matters of faith from a progressive, inclusive starting point. People of all denominations and all faiths (or no faith) are welcome to join in the discussion.

We assume that anyone interested in posting here takes for granted that women and men are equal in the eyes of God; that gays and lesbians have a place at the table and deserve equal treatment and inclusion in the Body of Christ including in leadership roles; that science and religious faith are not necessarily at odds with one another; that the Bible is to be read with sensitivity to context and nuance and is not meant to be taken literally.

Hope everyone is enjoying Lent (and being more active with theirs than I am with mine...)
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